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Funky Weather
last modified: Tuesday, February 15, 2005 (11:04:11 PM CST)
It's been an odd winter. Usually, from November to the end of March it is a pretty consistent mix of cold and snow. This year, we have had cold and snow, followed by one or two days of temps in the 40's or 50's, that then turn back into cold and snow. We have actually seen the sun for more then 3 days in a row this year, which is rather abnormal for us. While I love warm weather, this see-sawing is driving me nuts. I would rather it just stayed cold until spring and then it can start warming up.

In cel news, I received a bunch of my Yahoo Japan winnings the other day and will be adding those to my page over the next week or two. The cels divide nicely into different 'themes' which is how they will be updated. I'll list the theme of each update on the News section of my home page as I update. ^_^
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The Bozone Layer (a rant)
last modified: Wednesday, January 12, 2005 (10:41:37 PM CST)
Bozone(n.): The substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating. The bozone layer, unfortunately, shows little sign of breaking down in the near future. -from the Washington Posts Style Mensa Invitational.

Most of the customers of our store are really nice people. Every now and then, however, we will get someone in who is so impossible that I want to look around and say "ok, where are the hidden cameras?" For your amusement, I present the following example.
A man comes into our store the other day saying he wants to make a return of a gift he got for Christmas. In a bag, he has a window thermometer- no receipt, none of the packaging for it (claims it didn't come with any), and, oh yes, it's broken! (At this point, I am extremely thankful that the store's boss is handling this one.) She patiently explains that she can't take an item back in that condition, particularly without proof that it came from our store (these therometers aren't a store exclusive and can be picked up at other gift shops, garden centers, even WalMarty type stores in our city). "My daughter said she bought it here." Well golly, that's all the proof we need! /sarcasm He then accuses my boss of our store "Not standing by the products we sell." At this point, I am biting my tongue so hard it's bleeding. Ummm, first, all of that style of thermometers come in secure, see-through boxes (not loose like his). Second, we don't sell broken items- everything is checked when it comes in the store and again when a customer makes a purchase (not to mention that I doubt his daughter wouldn have picked up a thermometer that is visibly cracked in half for a gift). Third, we have no proof that this item came from our store. (This is making sense to everyone reading this, right?) EDIT: Yes, it's too long of a rant. See comments for the rest of the story.
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Overhaul, Part One
last modified: Sunday, January 02, 2005 (11:14:36 PM CST)
So, I'm trying out a different way of seperating my cels. It's not completely done yet (need to finish up episode descriptions), but I'm going to leave it go for now until I see if I like it. I would like to have the Episodes centered under 'Vision of Esca' and in a smaller font, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. If you know, drop me a line, please! ^_^

I also took the time to catch and fix all kinds of errors. Some were simple spelling/grammer mistakes, others were cels that had been misidentified as to their episode, one was a sketch that was with the wrong cel, and some involved cel numbers or cut numbers that somehow were cut off in the description part. After I went though all of that, I then discovered that, for some very strange reason, all my cels were labeled as OP cels! GRRR! So I had to go back and edit each one.

I'm calling it quits for now and I am catching up on my updates. If you see anything amiss, whether it's a minor mistake or a big one, please do hit the feedback button and let me know. Thanks! ^_^
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last modified: Friday, December 31, 2004 (11:19:12 PM CST)
Hopefully, 2005 will be much better for everyone than 2004 was. I hope all of you and your loved ones are safe and well now and in the months to come.

My New Years Eve was spent scanning a half-dozen cels and such in preperation for my gallery redo. I'll probably close down my gallery for the next day or two while I work on it. Please stop back when it is done! ^_^
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A Happy Post
last modified: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 (8:47:07 PM CST)
Since my last post was a rant, I figured I should post something positive (and appearently shorter) this week. So, I had three very nice days of not working, I got to sleep in all day Sunday, I had a very nice Christmas, and I didn't get the usual after Christmas cold. Now that family members are gone, I also get to have a nice long hot shower and I do not have to worry about a lack of the hot water. My Steelers have made it a much less painful year to be a fan then last year was (though I know in my heart that they could still find a way to blow it). Finally, my kitty is as cute, fluffy, and psychotic as always. So Yay me!!! ^_^
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last modified: Tuesday, December 21, 2004 (10:02:48 PM CST)
Before reading this rant, please keep in mind that I haven't had a day off since Thanksgiving, I'm tired, and I actually do like the majority of my customers. That being said.. . .

There are only three shopping days left; you can darn well bet that we are going to be out of stock of some items. No, we can not order stuff now and expect to have it in the store before we close on Christmas Eve. And for those of you who have just started your shopping (and some of you are waiting for Christmas Eve to do this (WHY!???)) do not get angry at me- you've had 360-some STINKING DAYS TO PREPARE!!!!!!

Along those lines, the people at checkout seldom have control over what has and has not been ordered and the quantities they have been ordered in. So, don't get snarfy at them if you can't find that perfect gift for Aunt Soandso that you saw last month.

Chances are your kids are now on vacation and probably they are getting hyper with the approaching holiday. Consider getting someone to watch them while you finish up your shopping. If you bring them into a store, make sure you supervise them AT ALL TIMES!!! The sales people are NOT babysitters. And if your kid breaks something, you WILL be buying it.

Most every store has their hours posted on or next to the door of that store. You can call most stores and ask them what their hours of operation are. Closing time is when a store closes- JUST BECAUSE YOU GET IN THE STORE BEFORE THE CLOSING TIME DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN TAKE ALL NIGHT WANDERING AROUND!
This ticks me off to no end. Being kept late always generates more costs (electricity, overtime, etc.) then any purchase a customer may make. Employees do not want to stay any later, either. We may have plans or appointments to keep. Every year, we close on Christmas Eve at 2:00pm. If we can get out of the store by 3:00, we're lucky. And we'll still have people pulling on the doors and saying "but I just nee
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last modified: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 (9:02:59 PM CST)
No, it's not limited edition snow; it's lake effect. Those of you living along the Great Lakes region of the U.S. are shaking your collective heads knowingly. Those of you who have no idea as to what I am talking about- be glad. :P

Lake effect snow is caused when cold dry air comes down from Canada and crosses the warm (relatively speaking) waters of one of the lakes (Lake Erie in my case) which causes moisture to be drawn up into the air. When this air mass hits land, it drops the water which has been crystalized into snowflakes- lots and lots and lots of them. I went to bed Sunday night and the streets were clear, lawns were bare, etc. I woke up Monday morning and there was a foot of white fluff covering everything. And it kept snowing. And blowing. And snowing some more.

Needless to say, my shopping excursions for the day were highly curtailed. Getting to work went from an 8 minute drive to a 20 minute one. And, at a time where each day at the store needs to be busier then the last, we sat and twiddled our thumbs (and did paperwork, too, if the boss is reading this ^_^ ).

Today was better since most of the storm had passed and the plows were finally out doing their thing (but not the salt trucks- what is up with that?) and the snow had tapered off to minor flurries. With only 10 (yes, ten, so hurry up) shopping days left, people were back out shopping like mad.

While I love the way the world looks when it is covered in snow and I need snow on Christmas to feel right, I am hoping that there are no more major snow drops until after the holiday season!
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29 Days
last modified: Wednesday, November 24, 2004 (10:06:46 PM CST)
Twenty-nine days- that's the length of a February in leap year. This year, it is the number of retail days from Black Friday to Christmas Eve. And, for every one of those days, yours truely will be working.
I wonder if people who don't work in retail know just how big a deal Christmas is to many businesses, particularly those in the gift and specialty shops. These days between Thanksgiving and Christmas can make all the difference to a business's success and stores like the one I work at spend the entire year with an eye on the holiday season.
It begins in late January, with inventory of the merchandise. What sold? What didn't? Which Christmas merchandise did the best? Then, starting February, we begin ordering the seasonal items for the next Christmas. These items start arriving in June and we spend July and August unpacking, checking, pricing, and storing the items. Some items that sell well with the tourists start creeping out into the store in August; most are placed out the day after Halloween. And then you're back to the actual Holiday Season with its extended holiday hours, constant playing of carols in the store, and harried shoppers hoping you can help cut some of the holiday craziness out of their lives.
Twenty-nine days. . . we've been working towards this all year. I hope you appreciate it.
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