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Episode 02

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Summoning Escaflowne 2
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: E32 END
Oversize, 10.5W x 10.5H

End Cel
No Background

Added 1/2/2005
Updated 8/4/2005
Episode 2.
(scene 284)

Van holds up the energist as he summons Escaflowne. This shot appears about 3 seconds after the one I have of Van's face. The camera swings back and then pans up the the descending Escaflowne.
I'm not completely sure what the A-D layers are (one may be of Escaflowne), although there are waves of smoke/steam/mist during this sequence, so that may be it. It seems that throughout this cut, Van is kept on the E layer. Also, production holes from this sequence are all located at the bottom of the cels and the cels all seem to be kept at the 10.5x10.5 size. Besides the sequence number and cut number on this cel, there is also a '#2' written on the cel- perhaps it refers to the episode number?

Cel is in nice shape- colors are vivid and line-fading is minimal. Sketch is also in good shape. It appears that a strip of paper was added to the top so that the skecth would be the same size as the cel.

I 'borrowed' the background from the other cel I have from this sequence becase I liked the way it looked with this cel, too.

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