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Episode 02

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Episode 02 (Page 1)

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Cat Burglar
Source: TV
Layers: 3
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A9, C17end, D5
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 7/29/2005
Updated 8/20/2005
Episode 2.
(scene 146)

Finished with rummaging through Hitomi's duffle, Merle turns her attention to the pendant hanging from Hitomi's hand.

Cel is in good condition. The layers have been kept seperated by cut cel bags, although the layers are taped together at the top. The bottom layer (A9) consists of Hitomi. Above that is the C17 end cel that consists of the random stuff that Merle has tossed from Hitomi's bag. Merle occupies the top layer on the D5 cel.
The matching sketches are also in good shape. I didn't scan in the sketch of the C layer since there wasn't much in that sketch.

Background is from the RSSG: a modified "Window #3" provided by tex-chan - thanks!

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